Xiaomi wants to be a rival to Apple. Great idea, just maybe the wrong time

Lei Jun, the company’s founder, announced in an entry on Weibo (a Chinese social networking site) that his brand wanted to compete with Apple. Therefore, you can expect them to focus more on high-end products.

Of course, there will be a crowd of both opponents and supporters of Xiaomi. The former will complain about “Chinese trash”, the latter praise the company. A discussion from the category about the superiority of Christmas over Easter, so we will not go into it. Everyone likes something else and that’s it.


What are Xiaomi’s chances?

However, it is worth considering coldly whether the words of the Xiaomi boss have a chance to come true. And how much depends on the company itself, and how much is outside of it.

As for the intentions of Xiaomi – they are absolutely right. The big hole after Huawei is still breathing, the company has proved that, apart from Apple and Samsung, there is room for a third strong player. The American ban was a gift especially for Koreans, who basically did not have to do much – they just watched their sales bars grow and customers who had previously been tempted by competing smartphones returned to them. In such situations, the strength of the brand decides and Samsung has it without a doubt. And a disappointed user will think twice before choosing a device from one of the Chinese manufacturers again. Because today is Huawei, but who will guarantee that the restrictions will not affect another company tomorrow?

It’s not everything. Another thing is the global crisis and shortages in the supply of components. I recently spoke to several representatives of the smartphone industry from various companies, and they all complained as one man about the shortage. Mostly processors, but also other things. Paradoxically, last year’s rash of almost identical models is related to this. Because company X wanted to continue the production of its hit, but the parts for it have run out. And there were no new ones. Hence, a similar model appeared on the market, but with a different processor – not always better. More often – just available. And then another and another.

The disappointment of customers perceives this as a stagnation in the market. Meanwhile, on the other hand, it is a dramatic fight not even to meet the expectations of users, but to fulfill the obligation and provide the contracted number of devices. After all, we are talking not only about retail sales, but also operator sales. There is no love there – you will not fulfill the contract – you pay penalties. And someone else jumps in your seat, as long as they have something to do with of course.