What does it look like in Redmi Note 11 Pro?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro is a smartphone that has many advantages in relation to its price. The device costs PLN 1499 for version 6/64 and PLN 1599 for version 6/128. In return, we get a powerful processor, excellent quality AMOLED display and a great battery. Today we will focus on it.

First of all, it is important to remember that a smartphone is a peculiar system of connected vessels, where the operation of one part is related to all the others. So even the largest link will not last long if it has a demanding processor, a (too) high resolution display or a poorly optimized system under its care. A lot of manufacturers rely especially on the latter, the processes running in the background can eat a few or a dozen or so percent of the battery at night..

What does it look like in Redmi Note 11 Pro?

The processor is MediaTek Helio G96. The new unit, launched in autumn 2021, and in its class efficient – the Redmi Note 11 Pro result in AnTuTu Benchmark is 329,118 points. How do these numbers translate into usage? Well, we are able to play the most popular but also demanding games without any problems. For example PUBG. The gameplay is nice (unless we are losing) and smooth, and in my hands the device was not warmed up after half an hour of intense shooting.


Charging like in flagships

Every battery, even the one in the Redmi Note 11 Pro, will eventually run out. Then you need to anchor for a while at the charger. The question for how long? Flagship smartphones from this year for several thousand zlotys now charge in the range from half an hour to 50 minutes, and the chargers have about 60W of power. For example, the charging power of new products from realme, the GT 2 Pro model costing PLN 3799, is 65W. In the Motorola Edge 30 Pro (also PLN 3799), the charger has a power of 68W.

It is also worse, because the charging power in the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is 45W, in the usual 22 – 25W. In addition, we will not find the charger in the box, we have to use one that we already have or pay extra.

How is the phone for only PLN 1,400? The standard charger power for smartphones in this price range is up to 30W. As you can easily guess, the charging speed is also not stunning and usually fluctuates around two hours. Is it similar in Redmi Note 11 Pro? Well no.

The charger has a power of 67W, which with such a device is quite impressive. The loading times are similar. And let us remind you, we are talking here about 5000 mAh.

Filling the phone to full, which was still about 8 percent. energy, in my case it took 32 minutes. This is an excellent result. And comparing it with the price of the phone – even sensational. From zero to 100 percent it’s about 37, 38 minutes.

So the situation is as follows. If we decide on a flagship device for which we spend several thousand zlotys, we usually get a working day (sometimes less) with a similar charging time.

To sum up. If we decide to buy Redmi Note 11 Pro for PLN 1399 or PLN 1499, we get either at least two days of work on a single charge, or 6 to 7 hours of comfortable playing without stopping.

All this without a special strain on our budget. And you have to remember that the battery is not the only advantage of this phone. We also get a very good AMOLED screen and an equally high level of performance.

The speed of charging the battery also looks great – some of the top, much more expensive devices from competition have them even much slower …

So if someone wants a long time of work on a single charge, we can recommend Redmi Note 11 Pro with all responsibility. It will be one of the better, if not the best choice in this price range.

The entry was created in cooperation with Xiaomi! Also Read : Nothing Phone (1) takes shape, premiere in summer 2022