Nothing Phone (1) takes shape, premiere in summer 2022

Nothing is a company founded by Carl Pei, the same who is responsible for the success of OnePlus. Earphones appeared last year, this year we will get the company’s first smartphone, which is to be different from all the others.

Nothing Phone (1) announced

In the case of the Nothing brand, Carl Pei uses a similar marketing strategy that he tested in the first years of OnePlus. It builds interest in its products organically, promising breakthrough functionality. The Nothing Ear headphones (1) were not such a breakthrough, but it did not prevent the company from raising $ 144 million in the next funding round and employing over 300 people, including the head of design, who moved from Dyson. In April, another round of crowdfunding worth US $ 10 million will start. The previous $ 1.5 million was completed in 54 seconds. So it looks like investors believe Nothing Phone (1) may turn out to be a success.


Nothing 3 months before the actual premiere announces its first smartphone – Phone (1). Carl Pei, however, did not reveal too much information today. We only know that it will be based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and run on the Nothing OS system. This is nothing more than a very simplified version of Android, which is primarily to be fast and provide maximum smoothness and functionality of the interface. Interestingly, Nothing OS in the form of an Android overlay is to be available for several smartphone models in just a few weeks. This will allow to assess to what extent the announcements of Nothing’s boss are true. You can watch the presentation below (the 10th minute of the following video begins).

It is currently difficult to judge what the innovation of the Nothing Phone project will be based on (1). The president of the company announces that he wants to fight Apple, and not other manufacturers of Android smartphones, creating a coherent ecosystem that will allow cooperation with accessories and computers. However, it is not clear whether Nothing would also enter the PC market, or whether it will only be partnerships with other companies. We also do not know what the smartphone will look like and how it should stand out from the competition. There is no doubt, however, that it is worth following their actions, because at least now they promise to be a breath of fresh air.

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